Biochar cookstoves

Cost effective

Less time consuming

Low carbon footprint

Valuable byproduct

We're for the moment working very hard on creating our very first product, a Biochar cook stove.

Read more about the product below or what biochar is here.


  • Provision of a clean cook stove
  • Operating 60-75% by pyrolysis of biomass instead direct combustion of wood by traditional cook stove
  • Associating biochar with biogas feedstock

Example of feedstock: 

  • Bark of tree
  • Dry fallen leaves
  • Rice husk/straw
  • Non-carbonated pellet
  • Saw dust
  • All forms of wood

Value chain of biochar cookstove



  • Reduce cost of cooking
  • Earn from biochar
  • Prevent users from eye irritation
  • Generate fertilizers from biochar
  • Opportunity to use a variety of feedstock (biomass)
  • Biochar from cook stove can be used in addition to animal food (Case in Vietnam)



  • Mitigate air-born soot (5-10% of man-made global warming)
  • Sequester carbon
  • Reduce deforestation and pressure in forest
  • Improve the soil structure and drought resistance


  • Improve financial situation in rural areas
  • Improve health and living condition of rural citizens
  • Means of generating a carbon-market
  • Creation of jobs or local business opportunities

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