Make It Green Solutions AB

Make It Green Solutions AB is a Swedish cleantech company. We undertake research and development of sustainable solutions for clean energy, water and agriculture. The result is an innovative range of products, services and consulting intended for a global market aimed at reducing overall carbon footprint.


It all started in January 2017 when Lukong Pius, an engineering student in Halmstad University called Martin Karlsson, CEO of Ulma, manufacturer of pellet burners and boilers, to ask if he could come and visit Ulma´s manufacturing facility. The reason why he would like to visit Ulma was that he was studying bioenergy at the university and needed to carry out some company-based projects on internship. So, one Friday in January Pius came, and Martin showed him the production and the products of the burners and boilers.

When the meeting was over, and Pius was just about to leave the factory Martin asked him a question which came to change the situation dramatically. (Martin have for a long time tried to find a better solution to health problems when cooking food on cookstoves in developing countries)

Martin just asked him if he knew anything about cookstoves or if he has contact with people who have the knowledge of it. Then Pius said that “this is what I'm developing”. We all thought that someone up there had connected us. So, from that day we have been working with the cookstove project. This idea was also promoted by Halmstad university by giving Pius some funding and facilities for prototype development and mentoring, as well as Chalmers Innovation centre.

Our mission is to create and make accessible solutions of clean energy, clean water and sustainable agriculture.

Our Missions

  • Providing greener-cleaner cook stoves and related products as the solutions for people in rural areas
  • Improving peoples health
  • Increasing household economy
  • Mitigating the world climate change through deforestation deduction


We are striving continuously bringing new ideas and solutions to solve different energy and environmental problems.


We shall effectively provide environmentally friendly products as the outcome of our  production.


We offer competitive products with reasonable values that meets household needs.


We aim to create a better world and higher quality of life for all mankind.

Partners and Memberships

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