Our product – MiG BioGrill

Barbecue with our biochar producing grill and use biomass from your own garden as fuel. After grilling, you can use the residual biochar in the garden again. A sustainable cycle is created.
There are many positive effects of biochar- The soil becomes more fertile, it has better water holding capacity which can greatly increase the harvests in dry conditions, the Biochar also makes the soil more easily used, the roots penetrate better and the most important side effect of them all- the biochar binds nutrients to reduce nutrient leakage. In addition, it reduces the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

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MiG BioGrill is..

A good bbq-experience

Creating a valuable byproduct

Enabling carbon storage

Example of feedstock:

  • Bark of tree
  • Dry fallen leaves
  • Rice husk/straw
  • Non-carbonated pellet
  • Saw dust
  • All forms of wood



  • No need of charcoal
  • Prevent users from eye irritation
  • Generate fertilizers from biochar
  • Opportunity to use a variety of feedstock (biomass)

Environmental benefits

  • Mitigate air-born soot
  • Sequester carbon
  • Improve the soil structure and drought resistance
  • Operating 70-90% by pyrolysis of biomass instead direct combustion of charcoal or wood

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