Our product – MiG BioCooker

MiG BioCooker helps people in developing countries who want to live a healthy life by avoiding risks related to cooking smoke, dirty water & hunger and enabling access to clean energy, clean water, and sustainable agriculture through the use of biochar.

MiG BioCooker utilizes traditional wood-based fuel to provide heat for cooking and produces biochar as a byproduct. The biochar thus obtained, is used as an affordable water purification system and enriching soil for agriculture. The use of biochar for agriculture has been seen as an efficient means of carbon sequestration, especially in Asia and Africa.

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Biochar cookstoves are..

Cost effective

Less time consuming

Produce a Low carbon footprint

Create a valuable byproduct

MiG BioCooker & Value Chain



  • Reduce cost of cooking
  • Earn from biochar
  • Prevent users from eye irritation
  • Generate fertilizers from biochar
  • Opportunity to use a variety of feedstock (biomass)
  • Biochar from cook stove can be used in addition to animal food (Case in Vietnam)



  • Mitigate air-born soot (5-10% of man-made global warming)
  • Sequester carbon
  • Reduce deforestation and pressure in forest
  • Improve the soil structure and drought resistance


  • Improve financial situation in rural areas
  • Improve health and living condition of rural citizens
  • Means of generating a carbon-market
  • Creation of jobs or local business opportunities

Impact Sustainable Development Goal

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Direct Positive

Indirect Positive

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