We will together with Hope Menders build a factory for the production of clean cookstoves, our MIG BioCooker in Mapaki, Sierra Leone.

Hope Menders is an organization with a mission to bring humanitarian aid to hurting women, children, and youths in Sierra Leone through self-discovery.

The intention is to start production this year and it will create jobs for the local population. In order to carry out this project, we need your support.

By donating SEK1000 to Hope Menders you will give a family in Sierra Leone a locally made clean cookstove that they can cook their daily food on. It also means that you have given this family a better living environment and nature will also like it as well. In addition to this, you have also contributed to creating jobs in these local areas which means a more income sustained future for these communities.

We strongly believe it is more crucial for the poor to work on sustainable income-generating activities, as the only way to leverage the ever-increasing needy population in the world, ”by- Mr. Lukong Pius, Project Manager at Make It Green Solutions AB” which under many circumstances require external funding. A personal greeting is added to the gift certificate for MIG BioCooker from Hope Menders in Sierra Leone.

Every stove manufactured in the factory receives a unique serial number. As a donor, you can follow your stove all the way from manufacturing to the family you support and get info and pictures from them and their cookstove.

Get more info at the Hope Menders website. (Only available in Swedish.)

Image courtesy of Jessica Rund.